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Location Albany, New York, USA
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Updated 2010-11-08
Mistress Madisin Ashby

Greetings. I am an educated, artistic, creative, and attractive 28-year-old professional Dominatrix, fetish model, and BDSM performer AND lifestylist in the Albany, NY area with over 10 years of experience. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BOOKING A PROFESSIONAL DOMINATRIX/ FETISH SESSION, PLEASE BROWSE THROUGH THE PAGES ON MY SITE OR WRITE ME AT MISTRESSMADISIN@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. BE CERTAIN THAT WHEN CONTACTING ME YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE CONTENT ON THE SITE EXPRESSING MY PHILOSOPHIES SURROUNDING BDSM.I offer both normal, hourly-paid sessions extended sessions, as well as candidacy for an Intensive Training Program.